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Unlock your hidden Oracle performance

Dramatically improve Oracle database performance within record time without changing any application code.

Why DBTao for Oracle?

Faster Database

No Code Changes

DBTao provides a quick and lasting remedy for the costly, disruptive problem of slow Oracle database performance. Companies can achieve dramatic performance improvements within minutes without changing any application code.

Only 2-Click Deployment Process

Simple Quick Implementation

The DBTao collector retrieves Oracle database performance metadata and data dictionary information on a periodic basis and sends it to the DBTao SaaS analysis engine where it produces actionable recommendations that can be implemented by a DBA. The result is an immediate reduction in database access time.

Working through the database

Secure, Reliable and Nonintrusive

No customer data is visible or needed for our technology to boost efficiency, only DB structure and statistics data are collected.

Optimise existing DB eco-system

Scalable Operational Efficiency

Whether your enterprise uses a cloud-based architecture or your database is stored in-house, whether it’s 1 or 100 tables, whether it’s 1 DB or 1000 DB’s, DBTao is enterprise ready.

Reviewing recommendations and taking action

Comprehensive recommendations

View the various reports and recommendations. The reports include:

  1. List of tables and their individual performance
  2. Diagnostics information about indexes
  3. Recommended new indexes DDL
  4. Materialized views DDL
  5. Detailed report on the performance improvement that resulted from the recommendations

Get Started Now

Start your free trial of DBTao – Oracle database optimisation delivering dramatic performance improvements within minutes without changing any application CODE.

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By applying the recommendations you can experience performance improvements of 5X and more. Repeat the analysis whenever making changes to your databases or applications.

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