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Digital Experience Monitoring & Optimisation

Deliver fast and reliable digital experiences for your end users. Rigor monitors your website or API for availability, performance and errors.

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Why Rigor?

Monitor & Optimise Digital Experience

Rigor not only continuously monitors your websites and API for availability, performance and errors but also assesses them against 280 best practices providing clear step-by-step instructions to optimise your site. It can be part of your CI/CD workflow to stop performance defects reaching production.

Go beyond monitoring with step-by-step recommendations

Website Optimisation

Keeping a finger on the pulse of your website performance is important, but real gains are achieved when you leverage that data to make smart, strategic improvements. Rigor equips you with actionable insights to optimise performance in your development cycle. With Optimisation, Rigor helps you create and deliver faster.

Continuous Integration verification to prevent performance regressions

Validate Changes

Rigor lets you automate performance optimisation as part of your workflow making it much easier to manage performance issues over time. You can isolate only the new issues related to your recent build and start to treat performance defects as bugs by failing builds that don't meet your target for user experience. Rigor has a plugin for Jenkins and can integrate with other CD/CI tools.

Website performance and reliablity

Website Monitoring

Rigor continuous monitoring and alerting simulates user journeys using real browsers to replicate real user behaviour and detect performance problems and errors. It lets you know immediately, so you can react before they start to have a financial impact.

Simple but flexible API testing

API Monitoring

Rigor’s API Check gives you peace of mind by continuously monitoring availability, functionality, and performance of all APIs, whether they be APIs owned by your own organisation or third-party APIs that your website or mobile App depends on. Rigor not only checks the status code returned by the API call but also validates the content. You can even build a user journey by extracting return values from one API call and passing them as parameters to another API call.

What people say

" The report compiled with Rigor data is instrumental in our monthly Performance Councils and holding each other accountable. "
News International

- VP of Engineering -

" I would have to hire 1-2 people, full time, to track down what the best practices are around new web technologies or frameworks. With Rigor, I don’t have to. "
Glaxo SmithKlein

- Glaxo SmithKlein -

" Anything that has a URL, we monitor with Rigor. It kept the news flowing during the busiest night in history [Election Night 2016]   "

- Director of Enterprise Operations -

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Using Jenkins for CI?

If you are using Jenkins for Continuous Integration then you will be pleased to know that Rigor have a Jenkins plugin available, which means that you can create a 'performance gate' for your CI pipeline to stop slow code reaching production.

"Rigor ensures no blips encountered during our booking and checkout flows and helps us flag performance issues with third-party API services like our transport providers."

Digital Commerce and Production Manager – Disney UK

Customer Testimonial - Capital Group

“We use Rigor in development, test and production and have consistent metrics across the board."

David Manifold - Capital Group

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