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User eXperience Monitoring

Monitor, manage and act on key digital user experience KPIs for Microsoft Office 365, Skype, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, SAP and many more business critical applications.

Special collectors for applications and services

UXM - Power Collectors

UXM Power collectors not only collect the end user experience but also the related application performance metrics. UXM reports on backend transaction performance and network related metrics for these applications such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Dynamics AX & CRM and SAP.

Why UXM?

Monitor and Manage Digital User Experience

UXM monitors the real and synthetic end-user experience for any application. It works with browser-based apps or Windows desktop apps running on a physical or virtual desktop.

UXM can also provide performance metrics for the user’s machine and any applications they are running such as Microsoft Office, Skype, Dynamics AX & CRM, SAP and more.

Previously this visibility would have required multiple tools at 10x the cost of UXM.

Quantify and analyse the impact of IT-services on end-user productivity

UXM - User Experience Monitoring

No more surprises. Get alerted on new and critical errors in staging and production via automated anomaly detection and machine learning.

  1. Measure and validate application availability and performance service levels from the user perspective
  2. Monitor the impacts of application and infrastructure changes on application performance.
  3. Identify, diagnose and fix application problems faster before customers call for help
  4. Predict application performance prior to production deployment
  5. Identify and priorities opportunities to improve user experience.

UXM delivers the visibility from management reporting to the operational detail needed to drive continuous improvement, and all the way to the individual transaction, device or user – allowing you to identify, troubleshoot and remediate problems efficiently.

Multiple collectors provide the full picture

UXM Data Collection

Different collectors let you monitor both the real and synthetic user experience for browser and windows desktop applications as well as power collectors for specific applications.

Real User Monitoring for Browser-based applications

UXM - Browser

UXM Browser – lets you gain full visibility into all user activity from every web application across all devices and browsers; analyse user performance data in real-time to assess satisfaction, detect struggles and proactively predict and influence next steps in their digital journey.

User experience for Windows Desktop applications

UXM - Desktop

UXM Desktop – Monitor the end user experience of all applications services, running on Microsoft Windows physical or virtual desktops.

Active testing to simulate real users

UXM - Robot/Synthetics

UXM Robot – Allows you to monitor and test any of your apps (web, desktop or virtual) and address issues before they affect your end users. Explore everything from easy-to-read waterfall charts and test results to detailed downtime and error reports.

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Monitor any Application from the end user perspective whether it is delivered via Browser, Windows Desktop or thin-client such as Citrix.

“UXM measures the real and synthetic user experience, desktop experience and application visibility in a single tool. Previously this would have required multiple tools at 10x the cost.”

Russell Luke, Managing Director, AP Ltd