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Monitoring & Acceleration Solutions

Get the best from your applications with the right
performance monitoring and acceleration solutions

Our team of experienced consultants can help with most performance challenges. We continually review the many performance monitoring and acceleration solutions on the market so that we can advise our customers on the best solution for their applications, environment and unique set of requirements. When customers already have existing monitoring solutions, we advise on how best to integrate and build on what they already have.

By working with multiple vendors we can offer best of breed solutions in many areas rather than trying to force fit a solution from a single vendor.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Gain visibility into how your applications perform. Whether your application is written in Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, C or C++ we can help you see how your code is performing.

End User Experience

Evaluate the experience your end users are presented with. We help with apps delivered through a browser, by Citrix, as a Windows desktop app or a mobile app for iOS or Android.

Real User Monitoring

Measure the usage of applications to track key metrics such as user adoption. We can also monitor performance of applications for usability by end users regardless of location or the device, browser, OS or connection they are using.

Synthetic Monitoring

Run synthetic transactions against your key applications and services from multiple locations internal or external. This provides visibility into the availability of these systems and the performance they are delivering. We can do this not only for browser-based web sites or applications, but for Windows, Citrix, Mobile and even VOIP applications.

Database Performance

Gain database performance analysis for industry leading relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE and Sybase IQ. We deliver smart solutions to boost the performance and scalability of your databases.

Infrastructure Performance

The infrastructure underpinning your applications is critical to their performance. Whether your infrastructure is on-prem, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid, we can help monitor and actively manage how application workloads are distributed.

We also have multiple ways to accelerate your applications too. This includes Web Acceleration, WAN Acceleration and Database Acceleration solutions which may be appropriate depending on the application or we can advise on tuning opportunities by optimising code, SQL or infrastructure manually as part of a performance review service.

Web Acceleration

Application delivery controllers sit in front of your application and can help with securing and protecting your site as well as improving the performance and scalability through a variety of acceleration techniques which reduce the traffic over the network and improve the end user experience.

WAN Acceleration

WAN optimization, also known as WAN acceleration, applies techniques used to maximize the efficiency of data flow across a wide area network (WAN). In an enterprise WAN, the goal of optimization is to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information improving user experience while reducing the traffic on the network.

Database Acceleration

We have multiple ways to make your databases run faster and scale. With a long history in database monitoring and tuning we can advise on the best way to optimise your database, schema or SQL code to make your applications performance better and with better resilience.

For any¬†application challenges, talk to the experts. You’re in good hands.

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