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Database Monitoring and Acceleration

Gain deep insights into your database performance for optimal performance.

The most common cause of application slowdowns today are slow SQL or stored procedures in the database. Since 1997, we have successfully helped hundreds of customers optimise the performance of their business critical databases.

We recommend you monitor your database and the SQL queries which execute against it using an ‘always-on’ collector agent. This provides an historical trend of SQL performance over time and allows you to drill down into slow periods no matter when they occur. We advocate using a wait-time-based approach to measurement, which lets you see which queries are taking the longest and which resources they are consuming (CPU, I/O, locks etc). If you have a database in need of extra performance or scalability, we have multiple ways to help.

Database Monitoring

Single Pane of Glass

Different database types don’t need different database monitoring tools. See everything in a single pane-of-glass. Supporting DB2, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server, all from one single installation and UI.

Trending Over Time

You need more than just the real time performance and usage of your databases. We can help you keep a full history of all database performance metrics and SQL execution activity so you can see how things are trending and when things change from normal behaviour.

Production Safe Monitoring

With less than 1% overhead you can monitor your high-volume production databases 24/7. This means you have complete visibility into database performance whenever problems may occur.

Alerting for problems

Get alerted when thing deviate from normal or pass a defined threshold. This gives you early warning of impending problems so that you can react before it affects your end users.

Identify Root Cause

See exactly where time in the database is being spent and the top SQL and Stored Procedures. Drill down to their execution plans to isolate performance bottlenecks and the remedy, whether it is DB config, schema changes or SQL code.

Database Scalability

Zero Downtime Maintenance

Optimize traffic flows and reduce application error messages during planned downtime, such as patching database servers, applying software/security updates or making schema changes.

App-Transparent Scalability

The right approach enables databases to scale up instantly and scale out transparently – with no changes to your apps or databases. Software fits transparently between your apps and your databases, routing database traffic and managing connections to databases with no app changes.

Database Services

Database Performance Tuning Services

Let us review the performance of your databases and provide advice on how to tune the database, schema, the SQL, and Stored Procedures which it runs.

Remote DBA

Don’t have the time or in house expertise? Let us manage your database for you. We will ensure they are always available and well maintained, running at optimal performance levels.

Supported Databases

  • IBM DB2 (Linux, Windows and Unix)
  • MySQL
  • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g
  • PostgreSQL 8-9
  • SQL Server
  • Sybase ASE, iQ
  • MongoDB
  • Azure SQL
  • Couchbase

License Management

Oracle Audit Guarantee

An audit by Oracle can be a stressful experience. Do you have resources to spare? Additionally, do you think Oracle Licensing Management Team is going to let you know if you are oversubscribed? Our audit comes with a 100% guarantee with insurance and legal backing.

For any application challenges, talk to the experts. You’re in good hands.

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